Classroom Behavior Plan

In order to guarantee your child, and all students in our school, the excellent learning climate they deserve, we will be using a conscious discipline plan in our classrooms this year where students will be held accountable for their actions after being explicitly taught the classroom expectations. Therefore, we will contact you about behavior ONLY if a solution cannot be found after redirection/discussion. This means that no news about daily behavior is good news! 

We have high expectations for maintaining behavior in our classroom. We realize that we all occasionally have “bad days”. However, we also believe that each student is responsible for his/her own actions and can learn to make the appropriate choices when provided the opportunity. Please take the time to go over the classroom rules below with your child.

We ask that you inform us if there are any changes at home that may affect your child’s behavior at school. As your child’s teacher, any information disclosed is kept strictly confidential.

Classroom Rules

Essentially, we use SOARing like an Eagle at Eglin Elementary.

The rules listed below will follow under both the school and the classroom rules.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support with our classroom behavior plan!