Science & social studies


1st graders will be experiencing some fun & exciting science activities throughout the year in the classroom.

Topic 1: 5 Senses

Topic 2: Sky and Earth

Topic 3: Earth's Surface

Topic 4: Living Things

Topic 5: Parents and Offspring

Class Link will take you to Pearson in the Home folder for more resources to use for extra practice at home. 

Social Studies

We use Studies Weekly to enhance our Social Studies units. Below is a list of the subjects we will be covering this year. 

Unit 1: My Family and Me

Unit 2: Families Change

Unit 3: My Community's Different Cultures

Unit 4: I Am a Citizen

Unit 5: Citizens Contribute to Their Community

Unit 6: Global Community

Unit 7: Rules and Laws

Unit 8: Leaders: Home, School, and Community

Unit 9: Solving Problems: Home, School, and Community

Unit 10: Where I Live

Unit 11: My Community

Unit 12: My State

Unit 13: My Country

Unit 14: Earth

Unit 15: Using Maps

Unit 16: Resources All Around Me

Unit 17: Changes in My Community

Unit 18: Making a Positive Change

Unit 19: America's History

Unit 20: Our History

Unit 21: Historical People

Unit 22: Folktales

Unit 23: America's Holidays

Unit 24: America's Symbols

Unit 25: Citizenship

Unit 26: Historical Landmarks

Unit 27: Freedom: Making Good Choices

Unit 28: Goods and Services

Unit 29: Producers and Consumers

Unit 30: Jobs

Unit 31: Needs and Wants

Unit 32: Scarcity

Unit 33: Making Choices

Unit 34: Opportunity Costs

Unit 35: Saving and Spending

Unit 36: The Classroom Store

Use Class Link to go to Studies Weekly website in the Home folder for more resources to use at home for extra practice.