Accelerated reader (A.R.)

The Accelerated Reader program is a computer-based program currently used at Eglin Elementary. A.R. does not replace other reading instruction, but serves to enhance instruction by strengthening student reading performance and critical thinking skills. It is not part of their reading grade. The books are leveled by reading ability and available in the library.

Click here for a valuable reading piece on the importance of reading with your child every day.

The A.R. program requires a new level of independence from your child. The student will have a reading log to maintain and one or two A.R. books.

Responsibilities you can help your child learn to manage are listed below:

Remember the books and logs go home daily. Make sure you sign the log and remind your child to bring the log and book to school. Both book and log must be returned to class everyday even if the book is not finished. We have a time set aside for A.R. reading. No student will test unless the log is at school and filled out correctly.

Thank you for helping us make A.R. both fun and challenging for your child. Working together we can help children develop a lifelong love of reading!  Click here to download a list of generic reading comprehension questions to ask your child after reading.

Clicking on the logo above will help you locate the reading level of books you have at home which can be recorded in your student's log book to take a test at school.

Renaissance Home Connect is an online A.R. resource that allows parents and students to view A.R. tests that are taken in the classroom and their scores as well as goals set and accomplished.

"Renaissance Home Connect improves the school-to-home connection by allowing parents and students to log in to a website and view the student’s reading and math practice and progress towards goals. Access to online results promotes discussion between parents and students, which motivates students and can make reading and math practice even more effective. In addition, parents can specify up to six email addresses to receive automatic updates in English or Spanish on their student’s math and reading progress."

Click here to be directed to the site.

If your child is in the A.R. program for the first time, he/she will not be testing everyday. We prefer they take a few days to practice reading the book before they take a test. We want him/her to feel comfortable before testing... this leads to feeling successful! Later in the school year, we do expect the students in A.R. to take 3-5 tests weekly. The students are rewarded for earning A.R. points... an A.R. chart is located by the computers so each child can visually see how many points they have earned and what their next goal is. The students are rewarded each time they meet a new goal!

Click here for the Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader to learn more about the program.