Topics We'll Be Covering

Topic 1: Understand Addition and Subtraction

Topic 2: Add and Subtract with Facts to 10

Topic 3: Add with Facts to 20

Topic 4: Subtract with Facts to 20

Topic 5: Understand the Meaning of the Equal Sign

Topic 6: Collect, Represent, and Interpret Data

Topic 7: Extend the Counting Sequence

Topic 8: Understand Place Value

Topic 9: Plot, Order, and Compare Two-Digit Numbers

Topic 10: Add and Subtract with Numbers to 100

Topic 11: Compare and Measure Lengths

Topic 12: Time and Money

Topic 13: Identify and Analyze Two-Dimensional (2-D) and Three-Dimensional (3-D) Figures

Topic 14: Understand Fractions: Partition Shapes into Halves and Fourths